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Need a Personal Loan but have a poor Credit Record?

Having a poor credit record is more widespread than you might think. The continues increase in living cost over the world can contribute to excessive credit applications and the use of loans to support living standards, or simply to put bread on the table. These excessive loans can lead to

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How can debt review removal companies help you?

The right Debt Review Removal companies contains the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to help you with Debt Review Removal. Debt Review Removal refers to the process by which the record and the actual debt review is removed from your name and no longer a barrier between you and credit

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Best way to cancel my debt review?

Being under debt review can be a stressful situation and it can feel like you are being held back from continuing with your daily life as you used to. A debt review can be cancelled, which means you will be able to proceed with your life as you normally did

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Steps in the NCR debt review removal process

Debt Review Removal is a process that involves specialised individuals or companies that assist you to get clearance on your credit record so you can continue with your daily live as you did before you were under debt review. We provide debt review removal services at Susa Debt, and we

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Best company for Debt Mediation Services

Debt Mediation services have become more and more popular nowadays with the increase in credit applications because of living cost increases and the imbalance between income increases and living expenses, especially in South Africa because it is a developing country facing various struggles on a continual basis. Debt Mediation services

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Credit Report in bad shape; How to improve?

Life comes with all of its positives; however, the truth is, there is some negatives as well, especially when it comes to your financial burdens. If you find yourself stuck between a credit record that prevents you from obtaining assets and the need for asset growth this is the solution

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Can I get a Mortgage bond if I am under Debt Review?

The short and simple answer is, no, you cannot take out ANY additional credit applications when you are under debt review, even if your financial position has restored, if you are under debt review this will not be possible. What now? The answer is yet again, quite simple. If you

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Struggling with negotiations with your credit provider(s)?

This is a common problem that a lot of people have, don’t feel left out. The good news is that there are specialised persons that can do debt mediation on your behalf with your creditors. It is very important that the correct processes and negotiations are followed to achieve the

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How to obtain ITC Clearance from my record?

The first thing you should know when it comes to ITC Clearance is what it is. ITC is the credit bureau where records of your credit profile is kept, this is where you are registered to keep a record that you have a judgement, default listing, or debt review against

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