Credit Report in bad shape; How to improve?

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Life comes with all of its positives; however, the truth is, there is some negatives as well, especially when it comes to your financial burdens. If you find yourself stuck between a credit record that prevents you from obtaining assets and the need for asset growth this is the solution for you.

First of all, if you have a bad credit record against your name chances are your ITC credit record is holding you back from moving on with your personal growth. ITC is a credit bureau in South Africa and if you are flagged as a debtor for either not paying back credit payments or making late repayments you will not be able to make any further or additional credit applications, whether it be totally unrelated to the reason why you have been listed at the ITC or not.

The truth is that these records can sometimes come as a shock, and you might just have gone through a rough couple of  months, but you are back on your feet now and want to improve on your credit score and credit record to continue with life as you always did.

Our specialised team at Susa Debt deals with these types of situations on a daily basis and we are here to help you get ITC Clearance. This process means that we will assist with any negotiations with your creditors to ensure that you get a better repayment rate on your outstanding credit and that any judgments or listings against your name are removed.

ITC Clearance means that you will be able to start with your normal life as you once did and that you can proceed with buying the house or car that you need if you are in the financial position to pay back the creditors in a way that will assist both you and the creditor and with terms that both parties agree to.

This record will no longer be visible on your credit record, and you will not be subject to this record once ITC Clearance is obtained, our experts at Susa Debt will take you through the process step by step and assist you every part of the way to ensure you get your credit record back on track and that you can lessen the financial stress from your life.

Contact us today at Susa Debt to get the service that you deserve to get your credit record back in shape, we are here to help you make this happen.