How can I remove a debt review from my name?

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Debt review removal can be a very smooth process if you have the right people to help you remove the debt review from your name.

Debt review removal will include an application to the court where there is sufficient proof that you are in a better financial situation and can continue with your debt repayments in the way that you previously did, to your creditors.

This is a very good situation to be in, as it most likely means you are ready to take back the normal monthly debt repayments and this will also enable you to take out other credit where needed or required to sustain your needs.

Our expert team at Susa Debt will assist you with this entire process from beginning to the end, you do not have to worry about gaining the knowledge on how to remove your debt review at all, our specialised advisors will assist you with this.

We will also ensure that your credit record at the Credit bureaus is updated through the NCR as we are registered with the NCR.

Once we have guided you through the process and assisted you with the applications where needed, the outcome will be that you are no longer under debt review and can continue with your day-to-day life.

We will talk with your debt counsellor on your behalf to proceed with the debt review removal and we will make sure that you can have the outcome you desire.

Contact us at Susa Debt today to get your debt review removed from your name and to continue with your activities without the stress of the debt review removal on your name. This is the point that you ultimately want to reach, and we are here to help you reach it.