How long does it take to get a clearance certificate when under debt review?

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Debt Review refers to the process whereby a person either combined their outstanding credit loans into one single repayment per month or whereby a person repays a lower monthly repayment instead of one big repayment amount, but this would usually mean that the repayment timeframe will extend, which ultimately means that the total repayment amount will be more.

The Debt Review is also noted on your credit record which means no further credit applications can be made as your credit report is temporarily “blocked” and you will not be able to buy a car or a house or take out any loans.

It is therefore good to know that you are able to get out of the debt review and we can help you with exactly that. Our expert team at Susa Debt can assist you with the debt review removal process.

Once this process is complete and we removed the debt review from your name, we will also assist you to get a clearance certificate which is required as proof that you are no longer under debt review and that you can continue with credit applications if you wish to do so.


How long does it take to get a clearance certificate?

There is no specific timeframe that can be provided, however, based on the criteria that you are required to meet to get the clearance certificate it is easy to distinguish how long it would take you to obtain the clearance certificate with the help of our experts at Susa Debt.

The most important factor that is required to get a clearance certificate is for you to be able to prove that your financial position has improved in order to make repayments as you previously did before you went under the debt review. This also means that if you paid off all your debt, you would need to provide proof that all the debt has been paid off. Once the proof of one of these two situations is obtained, we can assist you to apply to remove the debt review from your name.

Once the debt review has been removed from your name, we will apply for a clearance certificate and you will be good to go, this means that you can make new credit applications if you wish to do so, or you can take out a loan if this is what you require.

Contact us at Susa Debt today to get your clearance certificate so you can proceed with your day-to-day life this 2022, we make it our priority to help you get this weight of your shoulder.