How soon after a debt review can I apply for credit?

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There are a few negative connections that are generally made towards credit obligations and applications and whilst it is true that credit can cause extreme distress when repayments exceed your financial capabilities’.

Therefore, it is crucial that credit is managed responsibly and maintained effectively. This means that constant repayments are crucial, and the goal should be to ultimately pay off the entire credit obligation.

Unfortunately there are many situations where it is just not possible to meet all of your credit applications, especially in the expensive and difficult times that we live in today. This is where various individuals might be placed under debt review to ensure that repayments are amended to fit your current financial position. This is done through negotiations with creditors.

While debt reviews assist individuals greatly, it is still a situation that you want to get out of as soon as your financial position improves. This will enable you to take out any new credit responsibilities as needed.

Credit is required for many things and a lot of these are crucial for basic maintenance of livelihoods. Credit obligations and applications relating to buying houses, cars, solar systems, cell phones and other crucial credit commitments that might be required to continue to provide for your family.

Credit is, therefore, extremely important and you are restricted to make any credit applications when you are under debt review. This is exactly the reason for aiming to remove the debt review from your name.

Once the debt review is removed from your name and you have your clearance certificate, your debt review history is removed entirely and you can proceed to make any new credit applications depending on your financial capabilities.

Credit should be used responsibly, and you should aim to ensure that you meet the general monthly repayment requirements to avoid being placed under a debt review again.

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