How to obtain ITC Clearance from my record?

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The first thing you should know when it comes to ITC Clearance is what it is. ITC is the credit bureau where records of your credit profile is kept, this is where you are registered to keep a record that you have a judgement, default listing, or debt review against your name. This record assists you to prevent you from making any further credit when registered at the ITC and to ensure that all credit providers are aware that you are registered at the credit bureau, and it will therefore be impossible for you to take out any further credit when you are flagged at the credit bureau.

The good news is, yes, you can obtain clearance from your record at the credit bureau and we at Susa Debt are here to help you. We have years of experience in ITC Clearance and, our name says it all. Our expert team of specialists work with you to assist with the ITC Clearance from your credit record and we deal with all the necessary legal and communication processes, be it to and from your credit provider or to and from the credit bureau.

We will assist you to obtain an ITC Clearance certificate which is the proof you need to show future creditors that you are no longer under ITC and that you can proceed to take out any further credit if you wish to do so. This process involves assisting you with the payment negotiations to and from the credit provider in order for them to be satisfied that this can be removed from your credit record, we will assist you with all the necessary tools required to ensure you meet this criterion.

Once the credit provider is satisfied, we can go ahead and take our expertise and knowledge to the credit bureau to obtain an ITC Clearance certificate on your behalf and once this is obtained you can proceed with your day-to-day life without the weight that this record had on your shoulders.

Contact us at Susa Debt to ensure you get the assistance you require to obtain your ITC Clearance certificate; we are here to help you. The desired outcome that we want our clients to have once this process is followed is to start on a blank page with your credit record, and that is exactly what we will help you achieve.