Who can I contact for ITC Clearance?

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There are various individuals that can assist with the ITC Clearance process. This process can be extremely difficult or super simple depending on the assistance and ITC Clearance knowledge you have.

The ITC Clearance process can be set out in the following steps:

  1. Contact a specialised debt counsellor
  2. Provide the debt counsellor with as much detail regarding your current financial  position as possible
  3. Follow the steps provided by the debt counsellor regarding proof needed that a clearance certificate can be obtained
  4. Once the specialist received the required documents and underwent the necessary steps such as mediation and other discussions with creditors, the application can be launched
  5. The NCR will provide final outcome as to whether the individual can obtain a clearance certificate or not
  6. Once the necessary steps are followed, we will provide you with the clearance certificate and your relevant creditors to ensure that there is awareness that you are no longer flagged at the credit bureau


If you are currently flagged at the credit bureau for late payments to creditors, non-payment of loans, or any judgements that are made against your name, ITC Clearance is definitely the way to go to meet your requirements.

At Susa Debt we provide the highest quality ITC Clearance services to our clients because we know how difficult it can be to carry the stress of this financial burden on your shoulders.

If you are currently in the process of getting ITC Clearance, you can contact us at Susa Debt to find out how we can take this process and the stress involved in this process, from your hands and place it in the hands of specialists that put your needs first, we are here to help you.